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About me

Was born in 1975 in Siberia.

Photographer since childhood.
Photo works was published in National Geographic, Vedomosti (newspaper published along with Financial Times and Wall Street Journal) etc.

Made Pierre Cardin’s photo session for newspaper Vedomosti. 
Photo exhibition - Cabourg (France) 2015.
Member of the Russian guild of documentary films and television.

Cinematographer’s Filmography:

«More than love. Sergey and Anastasia Kuryokhiny» "Culture" TV-       channel (Russia, 2014; dir. Alina Rudnitskaya) - shootings of the         episodes
«Evgenij Bakulin, Life of a Calligrapher» (Russia, 2014; dir. Olga   Proskurnina)
«Ships and captains» (Russia, 2014; dir. Alik Yakushenkov)
*«Victory Day» (Russia, 2014; dir. Alina Rudnitskaya)
«Science and life» (Russia, 2015; dir. Alina Rudnitskaya)

«Two names of one city» (Russia, 2016; dir. Taisia Reshetnikova)

«L’etoile de ballet» (France, 2016; dir. Arnaud Dreyfus)

«Sankt–Female Identities in the Post-Utopian» (Germany, 2016;            dir. Lene Markusen) - gaffer

«Double life, a short history of sex in the USSR» (Latvia, France, 2017; dir. Inara Kolmanе) >> was premiered at "Histoire" TV-channel (France)

«School of Seduction - Three Stories From Russia» (Denmark, 2019; dir. Alina Rudnitskaya)

*Works with Alina Rudnitskaya, a well known director of documentary films.
“Victory day” was selected for more than 30 International film festivals (Dok Lepzig, DocumentaMadrid, DocPoint, Trieste, Zagreb Dox and so on), was selected for Venice Film Market.


“Quick, raw, directly Alina Rudnitskaya, the great and award-winning stylist of the Russian documentary film, can be different - as she proves with her short film "Victory Day". Despite the humor and the serenity of their interlocutor Rudnitskaya conveys vividly how it must feel when the majority society rears to love against your nature and you have nothing to counter the threats”.

Hannah Pilarczyk



“A brilliant documentarian with a flair for absurdist wit and a concern for social justice”.

Carmen Gray



"Highly Recommended"   

Reviewed by Andrew Jenks, California State University, Long Beach 

Educational Media Review Online

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